Stomach problems of my 8 year old son

Date of birth 12.03.2010
1 year age: recurring diarrhea.
From Nov 2014 to July 2016, he had many times stomach issues that largely included severe stomach pain accompanied sometimes by vomiting
Our child doctor could not trace the cause of these issues (infection etc. were ruled out)
Then we decided to do all kinds of food allergy tests.
Gluten allergy: negative
Lactose and Fructose intolerance test: Both positive. However, the lactose test was very severe where values went up to 165 ppm. Fructose test less as the basal level was already high (19 ppm) and went up to 40 ppm after 2 hours.
Since then we have followed a controlled diet, including lactose-free milk and avoidance of high fructose food. This helped to some extent.
Since, Jan 2017 he again started complaining about recurrent pain in stomach, especially around the belly button. As he is lactose and fructose intolerant- we reminded again in the school about his intolerances and we tried to work together for his lunch diet at the school. His stomach problems were gone for a month i.e. March 2017 but started again in April 2017. First, we thought it was an infection which he got from our younger son but it seems like he is having some other problems too. In May 2017, we did his colonoscopy and they did not find out any issue. The only thing they found was worms in his stomach. They gave him medicine against the worms and he got better. We also did his lactose intolerance test again and found that values were gone lower but still high enough (60 ppm). He was fine for some time but again from 2018, he started complaining for mild pain time to time. This pain had increased a lot in July 2018 when we went on holidays. Since then he is more or less everyday complaining for stomachache even though we are controlling his diet very much. Initially, we thought it is due to a bit of stress in the School such as the burden of homework and so on. But now he feels completely fine in school but stomach problem still persists. We/he always feels that something is moving inside his stomach. Time to time he also has a lot of gas. His stool is fine.

Importantly, due to this pain that usually onsets right before going to bed, he is not able to sleep for a while and cries until he falls asleep. Moreover, he losing quite some muscles and we feel and his height and weight gain seem to have slowed down substantially.

When we read on google, it seems to be so-called functional abdominal pain. We have been reading that certain gastric infections can lead to the destruction of villi which in turn can cause kind of secondary intolerances. It is possible that his recurring stomach troubles for 1.5 years have caused these damages? Until now, it doesn’t look like he has celiac disease but we are worried that he is moving towards irritable bowel syndrome. We are very much concerned and would like serious attention to his problem and  any possible immediate solution.


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