Problem with Prostate


I am a 49 year old Male based out of Hyderabad

Have been doing regular health checkups annually every January till 2017 and all values were normal (as of Jan – 2017 health MHC)
Have been consuming Rosuvastatin (10 mg) + Fenofibrate (160 mg) 3 times a week since 2005
2017 was a personally challenging year and started taking Vilazodone 40 for anti-anxiety
Became erratic in exercise and food in 2017. Skipped the 2018 MHC in Jan of 2018 and thought to myself will exercise and come back to a routine and will do MHC after 3 months
Did moderate exercise erratically in 2018 and skipped doing the MHC in 2018 and I went from 78 Kgs in Jan 2017 to 86 Kgs in Jan 2019
Did the MHC in Feb first week of this year and got all the bad news

Borderline cholesterol (Total – 207, LDL – 128)
Elevated Sugar levels (Fasting – 126, PP – 128, HBA1C – 6.6%)
Elevated Serum Uric Acid – 9.2
Body Scan results for Prostate – “Prostate is enlarged in size measures 34 x 39 x 38 mm. Volume-27 cc. No evidence of necrosis/calcification seen” and “GRADE-I PROSTATOMEGALY”
PSA – 0.720 ng/mL
Based on advise Uroflowmetry test was done – Voided volume – 459 ml, Max flow rate – 17.3 ml/sec, Avg. flow rate – 9.4 ml/sec, Flow time – 48.4 sec, Time to max flow – 10.8 sec, Voiding time – 48.4 sec, Hesitancy – 0 Secs

Based on the above results, the following  medication was prescribed

Borderline cholesterol – Continue with Rosuvastatin (10 mg) + Fenofibrate (160 mg)
Elevated Sugar levels – Acarbos (twice a day)
Elevated Serum Uric Acid – Febuxostat 4000 mg  (once a day)
Prostate issue – Silodosin 8 mg (once in the night)


After one month (March 1st week), I went back for a blood test and had the following results

Weight dropped by 5 Kgs – Currently my weight is 81.5
Sugar Level – Fasting is 105
Serum Uric Acid – 5.2

Based on the above results, I was told to continue the medication

My real issue is with the Prostate problem.

I had to stop the Silodosin within 3 – 4 days as I had a problem with my ejaculation. I had no ejaculation. Once I stopped it, it was normal again
Spoke to the doctor about this, but he did not provide me an alternative.
Also, I did not hear anything about medication for reversing the enlarged prostate.

From personal observation on my Urine flow, I found that

I get up about twice every night (once around 2 AM and the second around 5 AM). Rarely, I also get-up thrice.
Many a times, I feel the urgency to go, but the volume will be very less. Especially in the night before I go to bed, I feel that my bladder is always getting filled up and go out to void myself though the quantity will be very less
Sometimes, I feel that I do take extra time to void my bladder towards the end.

With all due respect to the honourable doctors who are reading this, while I know you all hate Google Doctors like me L, I just wanted to check my options based on some reading that I did.

I read that Alfuzosin was another alternative for Silodosin for taking care of the ejaculation problem. Wanted advise if this is an alternative
I also read that there are medications to reverse the enlargement. Wanted to check on this also.


Again, My Sincere apologies to all the esteemed doctors for being a google doctor, but I thought this might be a good starting point for me to switch my Doctor for all future treatment.


Thanks in advance for your patience.

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