Low back pain

hello ! I have a little problem with my lower back . recently this morning I just did some deadlifts like I usually do 1 time a week or so , but this time was different, when i lifted third time the bar , my lower back felt like something snapped there and I dropped the bar right away , and lied down for a bit cause I was getting a little dizzy and couldn’t really stand up. after a couple of minutes I got back up and walked home , still with pain on the same are..

So I lied down for a bit , put some ice on the area where it hurts mostly , some heat too, and I did a couple of stretches aswell. it got a little better ! but the pain is still there , when I stand or walk for too long I get pain again , that goes down to my right leg aswell. that’s all the symptoms I have , no problems with bowel or something like that, only the tightness pain feel on lower back , that spreads when walking to right leg.. and it all happened today.

what should I do ? will it get better in a couple of days ? thanks a lot and appreciate the help.

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