Is this cerebellum stroke ?


My dad(47) is a truck driver and last week he woke up at 06:00 in a foreign country in his truck and felt a mild headache and a lot of dizziness. He barely changed his clothes and threw up. After that he immediately called his coworkers and they drove for 4 hours to pick him up and brought him home(Macedonia) since he was refusing to go to the hospital.

When he came home he was so tired, unable to stand or walk by himself and was talking little bit slower than usual. We sat him in a car and drove him straight to the hospital. The doctors did an EKG and a blood test witch showed everything ok but the hemoglobin which was (8,9). His blood pressure was 110 – 145. The doctors kept him in the hospital for 3 hours and let him go home with no diagnosis and said he was just tired and gave him pills for his blood pressure. By the next day his dizziness and headache went away 50%.

Couple of days later my father went to a private hospital and they said he had a cerebellar stroke.
The next day he did an MRI and it shows that the spinal cord is squished in some place in the neck (my dad had a small nerve problem and pain in the neck 4 years ago that was fixed with a short term therapy and only x-ray was done then). I have the images of the MRI and I want someone to tell me how this can be fixed and what is the best option from here on.

Please contact me on my email and I will give you more details if needed.

P.S. The MRI shows a small cyst in the brain that the doctor who did the MRI said is not a problem and it is there since his birth.

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