I am 28 year old suffering from body pain and weakness

Hello,  I am 28 year old male suffering from muscle pain and feeling weak from last 8 days.
But every day there comes a time when i feel healthy again and i feel like my health is improving but again after some time or next day i feel sick again, i feel weak again.
I know it sounds weird but this is what happening with me these days. I think and i suspect that this is happening due to mosquitoes because there are lot is mosquitoes in my house these days.
So my question is … Is it possible that a person feel sick every time a mosquito bites him and then he again feel normal after some hours. If yes, then what is the treatment, why am i feeling sick with every small mosquito bite.
I am using all products for mosquito prevention but i want to know why this is happening to me, why my body is becoming so weak?

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