Chronic cystitis

my age is 33
Tall : 162
Weight: 86
When i was 14 years old i did operation for my testis because i had pain from it then i was okey.
So in 2015 i lose my weight from 83 to 63 . I had diet and i was daily wearing thermal wear for sweating it was same swimming outfit . Then my weight went up to I stopped dieting and exercising.
The main problem i have right now is burning sensation after urine . Its stared when i got married on January 2019 .
I went to the doctor to check my sperm analysis this time i was okey and normal . My semen count was 40 millions so the doctor gave me medicine ( carnivita fort ) so i took it for 3 days then i had sex with my wife. The second day the burning sensation started .
I went to the many doctors for check up . The urine and semen cultures was normal . Expect one time when the doctor gave me urimax when i took it the pain becomes severe so i went to another doctor and he told me to do semen culture. The report results was staphylococcus aureus so i took antibiotics for 20 days then again i did cultures the report was normal but burning sensation was there and never goes.
So remember : i did many times more than 6 times cultures all no growth bacteria except one.
So after that the doctor told me ur all reports are okey . Its better to do cystoscope. So i did and he said we saw red and inflammation in ur bladder and urithra also he took peice of my bladder for lab test . They found i have chronic cystitis so he gave many medicine including pentosan for 3 months.
I used them but still burning sensation after urine is there .
So again i did cystoscope with other doctor after 4 months . The report was probably interstitial cystitis.
I feel burning and pain after urine . Sometimes it took whole day buring sensation 
so how can i treat my self and stop paing?

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