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Impact of workplace stress on your health

It’s no secret that everyone is stressed out. We’ve all had those days where we feel flustered, irritated, and anxious. We’ve all had those nights where it’s too difficult to fall asleep – that all you can do is worry about what you have on your plate. In fact, sometimes it feels like it’s far more normal to be stressed out; that in today’s hectic modern world, being relaxed means you’re doing something wrong.

While the impact of workplace stress varies from one person to the next, mounting evidence shows that stress can cause some very specific adverse health effects.

Uncontrolled stress in the workplace can include physical impacts such as sleep disturbances, headaches, stomach upset and raised blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. The impact of employee burnout in the workplace continues with emotional fallout including anxiety, irritability, depression and emotional dysregulation.

Signs You’re Dealing With Some Serious Stress

For some, the signs of workplace stress can be immediate and obvious. But not all of us have heart palpitations as soon as we walk into the office, or constantly feel as though our adrenaline is at an all-time high. What are some other, less-obvious signs that you’re dealing with serious workplace stress?

  1. You constantly feel anxious or depressed
  2. You’re easily irritated, whether at work or at home
  3. You suffer from fatigue, but you have a hard time sleeping
  4. You find it difficult to concentrate or stay focused
  5. You feel apathetic about things that once interested you
  6. You’re getting sick much more often
  7. You’ve experienced a sudden dip in your sex drive
  8. You’ve been turning to alcohol, drugs, or both to deal with the stress‍

If you recognize yourself in any of these symptoms, it’s likely you’re on the track to developing a serious case of workplace stress.

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